Your Chamber Discusses Inflation "On the Mark"

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On the first Friday of each month, Art Thomas and I join Mark Lawrence (and most of the time Ben Reichley) for Financial Friday-On The Mark@1070AM. We always respond to the breaking labor news out of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most ‘Financial Fridays’ we’re also joined by a subject matter expert to take, as Mark Lawrence would say, ‘a deep dive’ into some specific business/economic issue. This month we were joined by Nate Benefield of the Commonwealth Foundation to delve into inflation. A thorny topic indeed, but we prosecuted our topic well, I thought.

While the breaking news focused on the updated national unemployment rates, I thought you might like to see for yourself the local or county-by-county rates for all of Pennsylvania. Every month of this year, so far, and for most of 2021, Montour County had the lowest county unemployment rate in our entire state. For this month, they are joined by Adams and Chester Counties with the lowest (3.2%) rate. Typically, Snyder and Union are also among the lowest county rates, as well. Northumberland County has the largest population of the four counties which make up the Greater Susquehanna Valley and it tends to be our ‘laggard’ when it comes to having a little more stubborn unemployment rate.

Listen to the show here:

6/3/22 On The Mark: Mark & Ben host Financial Friday...
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