Women Leaders in the Greater Susquehanna Valley

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March is National Women’s History Month and to celebrate, the Women’s Leadership Committee of The Greater Susquehanna Valley is launching the first ever ‘Women Leaders in the Valley’ page that will now be featured each month in the Voice of the Valley this year.  The purpose of this page is to spotlight women leaders in the valley and provide content that supports the committee’s mission:

The Women’s Leadership Committee designs initiatives that successfully develop, empower, and influence women in the Greater Susquehanna Valley. This committee also hosts the Chamber’s Annual Women’s Leadership Symposium which invites women from throughout the valley to spend a day with highly experienced professionals. The conference gives attendees dozens of career boosting ideas and action plans, while improving their outlook and their life, in general.
March also marks the one-year-anniversary of our state, along with most of the world, shutting down for the first time to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  While there are many local women leaders to celebrate, the committee would like to recognize two women this month, who’ve made their mark in history by keeping the Valley strong throughout the pandemic:
Kendra Aucker, President/CEO, Evangelical Community Hospital

Kendra has lived in the Central Susquehanna Valley since she was two years old.  She’s a graduate of Selinsgrove High School, received a BA from Penn State University, and an MBA from Frederick Taylor University.  She has spent most of her professional life working in healthcare.  She has had two stints of service to Evangelical Community Hospital – the first for 7 years and the second for nearly 22 years - in roles of marketing, physician practice management, operations, and executive leadership. She is a Licensed Agent through the Pennsylvania Insurance Department with qualifications in Accident & Health, and Life & Fixed Annuities.
Kendra is married, has two daughters, one stepson, one son-in-law, one upcoming wedding, and grandchildren on the way!

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Joanne Troutman, President & CEO, Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way

Joanne is a proud native of the Coal Region, graduate of Mt. Carmel Area High School and Susquehanna University. She was born and bred here and has worked her whole career here – Susquehanna University, Evangelical Community Hospital, Camp Victory and now Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way. Her undergraduate degree is in journalism, and once upon a time, she had a dream of moving to the big city and being a writer, maybe even going to law school. She does still enjoy the city, but mostly just to visit and experience these days, and the extent of the work she does in law is related to criminal justice reform and other advocacies. She’s still enjoying writing but only does it when something moves her enough that it’s worth spending time on. She loves working and learning – her master’s degree was her 40th birthday present to herself. She also loves to read and travel to see beautiful things, but she’s mostly interested in hearing people’s stories.

Joanne was somewhat of a young mom. Her oldest son was born right before she graduated from SU, and he is now a college senior. Her youngest son is a junior at Mifflinburg, and they’re both learning/working from home these days.

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