Window Shopping in the Heart of Downtown Milton

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Window Shopping in the Heart of Downtown Milton

When you walk around the heart of your downtown, do you ever wonder who owns the properties that have vacant storefronts?  Perhaps you are a visionary and can easily see the potential these properties have.  Maybe you are an investor and are curious of how much that property is worth or if it is even for sale.  Possibly you are a budding entrepreneur ready to take the leap and start that small business you have always dreamed of.  Well, TIME – The Improved Milton Experience has created a new platform to help curious valley residents, like yourself, invest in our downtown of Milton, Pennsylvania.
TIME—The Improved Milton Experience is a non-profit corporation which is focused on community revitalization.  It seeks to act as a catalyst to instill pride and a positive image for Milton while building from the best of its past, present and future.  One of the committees of TIME, the Economic Restructuring Committee (ERC), is responsible for focusing on the revitalization efforts of the organization and is spearheading a new initiative called Window Shopping to help everyone invest in Milton.

Window Shopping is TIME’s new comprehensive database of empty or available storefronts in Downtown Milton, PA.  This database is available online at and showcases downtown properties that are for rent, for sale, are unknown, used as storage, or need work to fulfill the owner's plans.
If you, or someone you know, is interested in investing in downtown Milton please direct them to this database for more information or contact George Venios, TIME Executive Director, at

Milton was founded in 1791 by Andrew Straub, a millwright and miller. The waterfront location, on the Susquehanna River, provided energy for factories and a means to move goods for various industries in the 1800s.
Trains soon replaced canal boats and Milton became a transportation hub for Reading and Pennsylvania Railroads.
The diverse architectural styles throughout the town, Historic Downtown Walking Tour, and Model Train Museum are just a few of the unique reminders of Milton's rich history. Facade murals can be found throughout the town and offer bright, colorful representations of what the town was, and what it can be in the modern era.
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