Well done, Chris

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“You’re destined for great things.” That’s what Sara Snyder, Employment Specialist with Shared Support Services and current Leadership Susquehanna Valley Board President had to say when she heard the news that Chris Berleth was leaving the Chamber for a new position. Honestly, I wished I would have said those words first, but Sara beat me to it.

At the close of business today (Thursday, July 21st) afternoon, Chris will wrap up an impressive six-year run with your Chamber of Commerce. In many ways, Chris’ professional work with us could be distilled as: He delivered on our value proposition. 

That’s a wordy way of saying that Chris did, with distinction, the task of making your Chamber the type of organization that you and your fellow Chamber members wanted to belong to, be active in, and worthy of your investment.  

Please join me is wishing Chris and his family: All the best. Well done, Chris!

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