Tradition. Heritage. Soupie.

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Tradition. Heritage. Soupie.
By: Keith Good, Co-Owner, Soupie Brothers, LLC.

These words are the driving force behind Soupie Brothers, LLC. For five years, the company has spread the fame of this cured meat delicacy beyond its birthplace in Central Pennsylvania. A Soupie is a dry-cured pork product, and while similar to that of a soppressata, its roots are firmly planted in the Coal Region. While the curing process crossed the ocean from Italy as immigrants sought work in the coal mines, the Soupie is a distinct creation with a masterful flavor, honed by the diversity of its creators.

Mixed with a few key spices, pork is stuffed into a natural casing, pressed, and hung at a specific temperature and humidity for 8-12 weeks until the consistency is perfect. Once taken down, storage often consists of submerging them in olive oil to keep out oxygen; this can preserve the Soupie for years at a time. The end-product has a touch of heat and a deep rich pork flavor that lingers on the tongue.
There was a time when hundreds of families would make their own Soupie using carefully guarded secret recipes and bragging rights were earned at local Soupie competitions with ‘celebrity’ judges like the head football coach or police chief. Using an old family recipe, hand-written on a scrap of paper, Soupie Brothers preserves this history and tradition in each hand-made batch.

Not many people are aware of what goes into a Soupie or can identify it at first glance, but it is that mystic nature that Soupie Brothers enjoys sharing. Their products have shipped to more than 30 states in 2021 alone and are also available locally at Masser’s Farm Market, The Two Owls, Maloney’s Beer Distributor and Rock God Brewing, to name a few. They ship across the United States and products are available online at
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