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Sunbury’s Revitalization, Inc. (SRI) marked the new year by establishing a new committee.  SRI is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting economic development and instilling pride in the City of Sunbury.  In keeping with that mission, SRI created the ThinkSUNBURY Committee. 
The ThinkSUNBURY committee is the next evolution of the Sunbury Community Partnership Forum started by former City of Sunbury Administrator, Jody Ocker.  In 2019, the forum partners reviewed the City’s Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2012 looking for opportunities to advance the goals and objectives of the plan.  Three focus areas critical for community and economic development were identified.  First is planning and economic development to ensure that City policies such as zoning ordinances support economic growth and that planning is deliberate to capitalize on city, local, and regional assets.  Second, there have to be education and training pathways in place to supply a workforce ready to meet growing employers’ needs.  And third, there needs to be a community attractive for people to live and work with quality housing, services, amenities, and a feeling of welcome and safety.  All areas need to be worked on simultaneously.  Bringing together key community partners to work together fosters a unity of effort that will bring the best results…a perfect fit for SRI!
The ThinkSUNBURY Committee will continue to provide a forum for stakeholders from across the spectrum of the community to partner and collaborate toward reaching common goals for community and economic development in Sunbury.  The new committee adds supporting projects in the interest of the City of Sunbury through fundraising and capital campaigns as well as marketing strategies and promotional activities to attract residents, businesses, and investors.
As the region, nation, and world emerges from the devastating impacts of the pandemic, there will be an economic recovery, return of manufacturing, and movement away from congested urban centers to rural areas enabled by technology.  Working with regional economic development partners such as FocusCentralPA and DRIVE side-by-side with local partners, ThinkSUNBURY will be the brand under which the City of Sunbury positions itself to benefit from these inevitable trends.  ThinkSUNBURY for community, economic development, and investment!
SRI is able to make a difference in the community due to the generous contributions of time and talent by our volunteers.  If you are interested in helping us promote Sunbury, please visit our website at:  
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