"The future belongs to the flexible.”

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From Where I Sit…
February 28, 2024
By Bob Garrett
“The future belongs to the flexible.”
Late last week I attended the Annual Economic Forum presented by the PA Chamber and the PA Bankers Association. You may think, Bob is hanging out with Bankers and Business owners, talking up the economy—now that had to be boring. Please let me assure you, it was anything but boring. In fact, the key piece of information that we heard over-and-over again from speaker-after-speaker was a simple message: “The future is being invented in front of each of us, stay flexible, embrace change, do not fear what lies ahead.”
With this in mind, we celebrated along with our friends Kendra Aucker, President & CEO; Timm Moyer, Chairman of the Board; and the members of the Evangelical Hospital Board of Directors, their announcement earlier this week related to their emerging partnership with the WellSpan Health System. The face of the healthcare future here in the Greater Susquehanna Valley was invented late Monday morning. Now is the time for flexibility—not fear. The more you learn about this partnership, the more it makes sense.
Would you like an opportunity to prepare for and invent the future? Who wouldn’t?
On March 25th we welcome back for his coaching and prognostication, Dr. Anirban Basu of the Sage Policy Group. This will be our 16th Annual Economic Forecast. His presentation this year is titled "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly;" Dr. Basu’s focus will be on the question: “Has the Federal Reserve successfully engineered a soft landing?”
Not one to shy away from thorny topics, you’ll also hear Dr. Basu tackle topics related to the confluence of geopolitical forces such as war and scarcity, the possible economic impact of the presidential election, what do rising consumer debt levels portend for small business, and how might nagging high interest rates conspe to produce an economic downturn in 2024. Bring your concerns, your questions, and the economic topics that keep you up at night and get the elusive answers that can’t be found anywhere else but at our 16th Economic Forecast with Dr. Anirban Basu.
Pre-registration is required. So please visit gsvcc.org soon to reserve your spot. 
Working together, with data from solid economic forecasts firmly in mind, I'm sure that our best days lie just ahead.
All the best,
Bob Garrett
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