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At PPL Electric Utilities, our role is to deliver electricity to customers, safely and reliably, but we don’t own the power plants where electricity is generated. In Pennsylvania, customers can shop around and choose the electricity supplier that is right for them.  If customers do not choose a supplier, they receive default supply through PPL Electric per state law. That default rate is called the Price to Compare. It is updated twice a year based upon competitive energy auctions. The auctions are designed to secure the lowest rate offered, which PPL Electric then passes on to customers based on their electric use at no profit to the company. We are required by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) to update the Price to Compare regularly. 
We recently completed an energy auction and the new Price to Compare, effective December 1, will be 14.612¢/kWh for residential customers (up from 12.366¢/kWh) and 14.751¢/kWh for small business customers (up from 11.695¢/kWh).  The increase is due to ongoing market conditions that are impacting most sectors of the economy. These include the rising cost of energy supply sources, supply chain issues, overall inflation, and other global economic events. 
We care about helping our customers manage their costs. There are a number of things customers can do help minimize the impact of this change on their electric bills: 
·       Save energy: Reducing the amount of energy used at a home or business can save customers money on their monthly bills. PPL Electric offers tips, programs, and rebates that can help. Residential customers can also sign up for a free virtual home energy audit. For more information, visit savewithppl.com. 
·       Get bill assistance: We offer numerous programs and tools – including budget billing and payment plans – to help customers who are having trouble keeping up with their electric bills. To learn more, visit pplelectric.com/billhelp or call us at 1-800-342-5775.  
·       Shop for electricity: We encourage customers to use the Price to Compare as a reference point when shopping for the electricity supplier that offers the service and price that is right for them. If customers do choose to shop for a supplier, we encourage them to pay attention to the specific terms of the agreements they sign. Sometimes suppliers offer introductory offers or special incentives. Customers should beware of variable rates that often start low and then increase significantly with the price of energy.  
We also encourage customers to be on the lookout for bad actors who use deceptive marketing tactics to pressure customers into switching their supply service. These scammers often ramp up their efforts during times of rising prices. For tips on how to shop smart and avoid scams, visit pplelectric.com/shopsmart.

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