Penn Dairy – Made Locally for Cheese Lovers Across the USA

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Penn Dairy – Made Locally for Cheese Lovers Across the USA
By: Jon Weber, Penn Dairy

Penn Dairy started when Eldore Hanni and Tom Weber moved from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania to make Swiss cheese. Teaming with Amish locals to establish a cheese facility, the plant opened on May 8, 1979 under the name Dry Valley Cheese. After Eldore retired from the company, Penn Cheese Corporation was officially formed in 1990. In 2013 Penn Cheese was purchased by Ed Clouse, owner of Clouse Trucking. In 2018 Mr Clouse sold the operations and Penn Dairy was formed by the new owner Murat Hokka.
Penn Dairy manufactures different cheeses such as Cheddar, Muenster, Mozzarella, Jack, Swiss, and Colby. In 2015, Penn dairy added yogurt production lines. Last year about 50% of the milk delivered to Penn Dairy was converted into yogurt. Primarily our products are sold under private labels and we have confidentiality agreements so we cannot share too many details on where you can find our products in the stores. Most of our product leaves PA and goes all over the USA in retail and food service outlets. We also have some exports into Central America.
When the pandemic hit, the dairy industry had a roller coaster ride, but needs for food banks and USDA Food Box programs increased. Penn Dairy has been producing additional products for these applications in partnerships with co-ops and local farms. We are proud to be a part of American manufacturing, and firmly believe that USA farms make the best milk in the world.
Last year, Penn Dairy started an expansion project to meet the growing needs of our customers. Much of the expansion is set to complete by Summer 2021. Tom Weber and several of his sons still play an active role in day-to-day operations. We are so thankful for our team and the blessing of doing business in the USA.
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