New Valley Nonprofit Promotes Sustainability Through Donated Furniture

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New Valley Nonprofit Promotes Sustainability Through Donated Furniture
DIG Furniture Bank is a new Susquehanna Valley nonprofit based out of Lewisburg with a mission to promote stability and restore dignity in our community by redirecting used furniture to families in need. Founded in May 2020, DIG collects gently used furniture and household items - from couches and dressers to utensils and linens - to provide to families who are getting back on their feet after homelessness, incarceration, or other significant life changes; restoring self-worth and dignity is a huge part of our process.
Through DIG, residents of Union, Snyder, and Northumberland counties gain access to safe, gently used items that are crucial for positive physical and emotional growth. Through our work so far, we've met more than 100 families who have lived in unsafe, unstable circumstances because they were unable to afford "extra" expenses after moving into their new home. These "extra" expenses include things that so many of us can take for granted, but are crucial for a family living with limited income  - from a simple can opener and microwave to prepare foods that they may receive from a local food pantry, to a table to properly eat or do homework from. Before DIG, families were eating on the floor, sleeping on the floor, or spending precious money on fast food because they didn't have anything to cook with at home. With DIG, families can breathe a little easier knowing they can direct their limited income to keeping up with their families' basic needs like rent, car payments, groceries, and utilities.
Beyond the individual home, DIG is making a commitment to sustaining our global home. Furniture is the number one least-recycled item in a household. In 2009, U.S. EPA reported that furniture accounted for 9.8 million tons (4.1 percent) of household waste. ( Since its inception in early 2020, DIG has redirected hundreds of pieces of furniture and household items away from the landfill. This new resource not only aids families needing to fill their homes with crucial furniture and household items, but also gives community members an option to recycle their unwanted home goods rather than scrap or sell for profit.
This Earth Day, we’re asking our neighbors to consider putting their used goods to good use by donating to DIG. What you may consider clutter inside your cabinets and closets is considered crucial in the lives of so many families in the Valley right now.
Visit our website at to view our wish list and make an appointment to drop off your donations at our Lewisburg site. To learn more about our operations and our vision for the future, contact Emily Gorski, Founder, at

A Shamokin family enjoys their “new” furniture with pieces pictured from DIG:

Packed up and ready to be delivered: a family’s future kitchen awaits:

100% of donations made to DIG are delivered to clients’ doorsteps around Union, Snyder, and Northumberland counties:
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