Mr. Garrett Goes to Harrisburg (PACP Chamber Day)

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The statewide group of people who do what I do (that is: run a Chamber) is known as the Pennsylvania Association of Chamber Professionals. On an annual basis, these folks, a little over a hundred of us anyhow, get together in Harrisburg for a day of policy discussions and political updates. While Chamber professionals tend to steer away from partisan politics, we do engage mightily in policy discussions. When it comes to policy recommendations which effect business, particularly small businesses, it is my passion to speak up. Education, spending, taxation, transportation, workforce, and so on, are all items of which I need to know what’s happening. I’m always looking out for the best deal possible for my Chamber members.
At this year’s PA Chamber Capitol Day, held earlier this week, Chris Berleth and I were joined by Nils Lovik of the Hummels Wharf Dairy Queen. Nils seemed to enjoy his day in Harrisburg and came away with a much deeper appreciation for the details of crafting a state budget and turning great ideas into good public policy. He also took this picture of me standing in the PA Supreme Court Chambers (above). He suggested that I tell everyone that this was the day that I “appeared before the Supreme Court.” Of course, the only person other than Nils and me at the bench that day was the Capitol Police Officer in the picture…but it’s true, I did ‘appear before an empty Supreme Court.’ 😊

PA Chamber of Business & Industry staffer Alex Halper leads a panel discussion with officials from the Departments of Veterans Affairs, Labor & Industry, and Corrections.
Chris Berleth, GSVCC Executive Director of Membership & Leadership, poses in front of the Capitol.
Speaker of the House Bryan Cutler addresses a crowd of Chamber Executives and volunteers from across the Commonwealth.  

Bob Garrett, GSVCC President/CEO asks House Appropriations officials, "Can I tell our members that this year, we'll have an on-time budget?"  Their response?  "There's no reason why we wouldn't."
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