Message from the President: Immunity Community

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“The scariest moment is always just before you start.” - Stephen King

On most evenings, during my drive home, I have the good fortune of listening to The Kim Komando Show on my favorite radio station. Her show, which is a brief interlude into all things IT, is always filled with solid information into the world of computers, with a tinge of edginess. 
During a recent show, Komando dove into the current vaccination discussion and concluded with a recommendation, of national scope, to visit and get signed up for your COVID-19 vaccine(s) as soon as possible. Yesterday, I took her up on this suggestion. Following her advice, I typed the exact URL into my browser. This advice is based on an outbreak of fake vaccination reservation sites which have been launched to steal personal data from unexpecting people. Placing the directly into the browser nearly eliminates any possibility of being duped.
Just a few clicks and I was flabbergasted by what I found. Within 25 miles of the Chamber’s Shamokin Dam Zip Code (17876), I could have literally made hundreds of vaccine reservations. In fact, much to my surprise, I was being invited to go less than a half mile down the strip for a vaccine that eligible individuals could have gotten that afternoon.
So, now I was thinking: Is there any chance that we could encourage our Chamber members, their families, and their neighbors to take the leap and get vaccinated? Could the Greater Susquehanna Valley be our state’s first “Immunity Community?”
How quickly and completely could our Immunity Community get back to a better, new normal? A revived sense of prosperity, where no one is left behind, and folks can gather safely whenever and wherever they wanted? A community that has at its core healthfulness, compassion, and wellbeing.
Please read on in today’s GSVCC E-lert to learn more about everything that the Greater Susquehanna Valley Vaccine Task Force is doing to roll out the expanded vaccine availability over the coming two weeks.
Looking forward to sharing our Immunity Community with you and yours.
Bob Garrett
President & CEO
Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce
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