LionLaunch Productivity Workshop: How to Plan Your Week

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When: Wednesday, September 20, 12-1:30 p.m.
Delivery: Live via Zoom Videoconferencing
To make the workshop as interactive as possible, the webinar will be set up as a Zoom Meeting where you can participate with or without your camera on.
Cost: Free (Registration Required)
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Do you start each day unclear about what to work on? Do you find yourself scattered, jumping from task to task throughout the day? Do you often end the week feeling dissatisfied because you didn’t accomplish everything you wanted to?
If so, join Productivity Coach Cristina Roman for a session on how to effectively plan your week, in just 60 minutes per week. 
In this live, interactive workshop, we'll cover:

  • Why results-based planning is so important (and how it's likely different from your current approach)
  • How to effectively use your calendar to support your productivity
  • Brainstorming and solving common scheduling problems that come up for you each week
  • How to end the week feeling more satisfied

Guest Presenter:

Cristina Roman
Productivity Coach, Pique Coaching
Cristina Roman is a DC-based Productivity Coach who helps passionate business owners sustainably maximize their productivity—without overworking or burning out. When she's not working in the business, she's taking long walks around DC, playing pickleball and tennis, listening to reggaeton, and drinking too much coffee. 
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