Kreamer Feed-Diamond Anniversary

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Congratulations to the Robinson Family on a diamond anniversary. Celebrating 75 years of doing just about anything is a big deal. But when it comes to the work that the Robinsons and their hard-driving crew of agri-business workers do, this long track record is truly impressive.

One month from today, September 10th, you’re invited to be part of this diamond jubilee. Between 11:00 am-3:00 pm please come on out with your co-workers, family, and friends to celebrate the ‘Robinson way.’

You can rub elbows with our state’s Secretary of Agriculture, Russ Redding, who is truly a great guy. Congressman Fred Keller will make the long trip down to 215 Kreamer Avenue where all the festivities will be happening. (in reality he just lives up the hill from there, so Fred will probably just walk over). Billy and Jason Robinson will be hand to guarantee that the famous ‘Robinson Chicken’ is made on site to their exact family recipe.

There will be something at the celebration for everyone. Please plan to stop by on September 10th.

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