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Each year your Chamber of Commerce strives to put together an Innovation Summit built around a cutting-edge theme of interest to you and a broad swath of your fellow Chamber members. 

This past year our focus was on Artificial Intelligence, simply AI for short. As we pulled together the Summit’s format and panelists, a theme came into focus which was: “AI and You—Perfect Together!?” That funny punctuation at the end of the theme had a purpose.  

As you can imagine the topic of AI had plenty of interest, lots of fuzzy understanding or misunderstanding, along with a big dose of prickly intrigue.  

So, in case you couldn’t attend this all-virtual Innovation Summit, I now invite you to tune into a series of videos brought to us thanks to the good folks at the CSIU. In particular, please draw to your attention the video of the Summit’s Opening Presenter, Dr. Bernadette Boerckel. She is the Chief Outreach Officer at the CSIU. Dr. Boerckel draws on her obvious deep well of educational expertise to take you on a trip ranging from AI-inspired parlor games to possible cures for cancer, to artwork created by AI worthy of display in a fine studio to business and education application of AI that are happening every day. 

All in all, there are nearly four hours of presentations contained in these videos. Please feel free to watch any one of them or all of them as you are able. 

We will be bringing another Innovation Summit in 2024. Topic unknown at this point but look forward to us asking you for your suggestions.  

Initiating innovation and working together, I'm sure that our best days lie just ahead.  

All the best, 

Bob Garrett 
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