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This quote is attributed to ‘Anonymous’ and it’s posted as the website’s banner. Many times, and in many places these words ‘Lest We Forget’ are recited over-and-over again during annual Memorial Day ceremonies. Intended as expressions of remembrance, possibly as commemoration, but never meant to be a glorification of war, in any way.
We are reminded when recalling President Abraham Lincoln’s dedication address given at the Gettysburg Battlefield Cemetery, that the brave soldiers buried there “gave their last full measure of devotion” to a great cause.
Cemeteries have always played a central role on Memorial Day. This is all together fitting as these elysian fields serve as the final resting places for so many of America’s finest heroes. This weekend, it’s my hope that somewhere between busy travels, backyard cookouts, and the many other all-American fun festivities, that we can each find a moment in way which is most personally appropriate to ponder the notion that ‘freedom isn’t free.’  That our freedoms have been earned at a nearly unbearable cost. Happy Memorial Day.
If there’s any lingering doubt that the pesky pandemic is firmly behind us and that you’re finally free to move about the country (or throughout the Susquehanna River Valley, if you prefer) consider for a moment the following statistics. According to the American Automobile Association, 42.3 million Americans, that’s about 1-in-8 of us, will be traveling more than 50 miles this coming holiday weekend. That’s an increase of 2.7 million compared to Memorial Day weekend last year, or a 6.5% increase. The largest year-over-year increase ever recorded.
Axios reports that air travel increases will be even bigger. An 11% increase over 2022, which could make this the busiest air travel weekend since 2005.
All of this is a big deal. The Leisure and Hospitality Super Sector is hot and getting hotter. As time permits, please listen to this excerpt from the Financial Friday On The Mark radio program earlier this month. This comes to you courtesy of the Sunbury Broadcasting Coming on 1070AM. You’ll hear Andrew Miller; Director of the Susquehanna Valley River Visitor’s Bureau telling the radio audience about summer travel in our backyard.
Let’s roll out the red carpet for our visitors with a heartfelt and warm: Welcome Back!
Together we will rebuild and rejuvenate our pandemic embattled economy. Through engagement, value, and retention…Our Best Days Lie Just Ahead!
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