​Bravissimo Domenico!

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“I nostri migliori auguri!

In English this Italian expression translates to: Our best wishes!  On behalf of the entire membership of the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce, it’s a thrill to congratulate and offer best wishes to our friend and fellow Chamber member, Domenico Napoli on his recent naturalization as an American citizen. 

Just in case Domenico’s name doesn’t ring a bell with you, he’s the hard-working, creative genius behind Isabella’s Ristorante located in downtown Selinsgrove.   You can also find Domenico working tirelessly next door at Bella’s Pizza.  Sometimes he also hangs around Rocco’s Pizza located where Fisher and Park Roads intersect in Monroe Township, which is where his wife Stacey prepares the very-best sandwiches, pizza, stromboli, and salads with delicious side dishes thrown in for good measure.  When he’s really looking for trouble you can find him bothering his sister at the Dairy Queen on the strip.

Domenico and his family members are deeply involved in so many community organizations and charitable causes in our valley that many people might be surprised to learn that he’s a newly-minted American.  Last Friday evening, my wife and I stopped by Isabella’s to toast our friend and fellow American.  We were in good company because Susquehanna University President and First Lady, Jonathan Green and Lynn Buck were also there for the same purpose.  Davide Della Pietra of the Kind Café, a fellow Italian ex pat, soon joined us for a wonderful toast to a great American, Domenico Napoli.

With all of the immigration-related shouting that’s been going on lately folks may have lost track of the process that must be completed by immigrants to our country who seek to be become American citizens.  As a reminder, here are the ten steps to citizenship:
  1. Determine if you’re not already a citizenship and your eligibility
  2. Complete Form N-400
  3. Obtain two color photographs
  4. Photocopy documents
  5. Send in your completed package
  6. Get fingerprinted
  7. Attend a naturalization interview
  8. Take the English and the civics test
  9. Wait for official decision/notice
  10. Take the Oath of Allegiance
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