Bob's Just a Word: 'Katrantzou'...and Broadband Too

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“You have to have confidence in your vision or else no one else will trust in it.”
This quote is attributed Mary Katrantzou who is a trend-setting fashion designer based in Greece. Her unique take on textures, prints, and silhouettes in women’s clothing earned her international acclaim at a young age. If you’re like me and not on the cutting edge of fashion, you might just think of Katrantzou as the designer of bright, floral, old Hollywood designers that are the rage these days. The beauty of her designers is that their affordable which make them accessible. Come this year’s Easter Parade, Katrantzou will be everywhere.
‘So Bob, what’s with all the fashion talk?’ you may be thinking. Here’s my point: Katrantzou is sweeping the visual world largely because of her confidence. As she points out, without confidence success is impossible. 
As we move into this second calendar quarter of the year, our strategic focus shifts to our Broadband and High-Speed Internet Urgency. “Broadband for Everyone,” we are bold to exclaim. I have every confidence that we will be successful in our battle cry. This is a fight that we must win.
Now, I encourage you, I beg you, please join me in spreading this urgent message that every business, every organization, every home, every person in the Greater Susquehanna Valley deserves to have access to affordable and compatible broadband internet services.
This calendar quarter’s urgency will be bookend by two major events. The first key event was the April 1st (no fooling) Financial Friday-On The Mark radio show.  You will hear Sam Samara of the Pennsylvania Telephone Association and John Uehling of Contrast as they discuss with Mark Lawrence the show’s host and Ben Reichley, co-host the challenges and opportunities of rural broadband and high-speed internet.
Never Again: GSVCC guests say we won’t miss another opportunity for high speed internet around here

Towards the end of this calendar quarter, your Chamber will host its Annual Innovation Summit. At this summit, to which you’re cordially invited, we will discuss innovation in the Greater Susquehanna Valley's business community and take an honest assessment of how well we have expanded internet access, its affordability, and discuss whether the systems we have in place and are bringing online are compatible with the typical use requirements of agencies, businesses and residents of the Greater Susquehanna Valley.  

​Looking for a little more?  Here's a link to see Mary Katrantzou's work!
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