Bob's Just a Word: Foolin' With Bears, Staycations and Summertime Travel

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Foolin’ with Bears
How many times over the past few days have I heard my ‘inner voice’ saying “You only lose money if you sell,” which is time-honored, sage financial wisdom. Of deeper concern is how quickly authors and commentators are reaching back to the late 1970s with reminders of ‘Stagflation.’ It’s almost predictable that soon we will be buffeted with something akin to the ‘Misery Index.’ 
Another piece of sage advice which comes to mind at times such as these: “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Thanks to Sir Winston for that enduring advice.
However, learning lessons from the past is not a sure thing that will always ward off doom. History provides insights on how things might turn out, but few guarantees. While there’s not much we can individually do effect national monetary policy; by acting locally, encouraging thrift, supporting wise investments, and caring for our family, friends, and neighbors we can survive and even thrive no matter the financial news of the day.
Staycations just became very ‘hip’
Taking advice from me on what’s ‘hip’ is downright laughable. However, I do get opportunities to speak with lots of folks who know what they’re talking about when it comes to travel, tourism, and the hospitality industry in general. Recently, during a roundtable type discussion that included Andrew Miller, Director of the Susquehanna River Valley Visitors Bureau, he told a tale of a recent call from none other than CNN requesting an interview about a local attraction.
Apparently, Knoebels Amusement Resort has been recognized in the huge New York City travel market as a classic day trip for the value conscious travelers, particularly those with families. Not one to miss an opportunity, Andrew and his crew of tireless professional travel promoters at the Visitors Center prepared a package of such trips and CNN took the bait. Their reporter interviewed a few local hospitality folks and the soon the world will know what we’ve known all along: the Susquehanna River Valley is a great place to visit and to spend time getting to know better.

Summertime travel indicators
The data is in and according to the Federal Reserve (yes, they actually do more than raise interest rates), American drivers tallied 753 billion miles traveled in first three months of 2022. That’s the highest first-quarter total miles traveled reading ever recorded. Expensive gas aside, according to a Washington Post survey 72% of Americans are planning to go on a trip this summer.
Of that number of potential travelers, 61% of them in the same poll, say that the price of gas will be a major factor in their summer plans. Slightly more than half said that the rising cost of lodging is a major concern. COVID fears only registered with one-quarter of the people polled. 
Taken together, it would be logical to conclude that we are well positioned to welcome lots of visitors, along with the local spending that they always do, to our area this summer.
Substance Use and Construction
Thanks to Mike Piecuch, Snyder County District Attorney, for passing along some timely information for anyone working in the construction industry. We all know and respect our family members, friends and neighbors who crawl out of bed early in the morning and work long hours in the constructions, sometimes right up to sundown. 
During the summer 14-hour days are not unheard of. Hard work and aches and pains go hand-in-hand. When you have pain, pain killers become life savers. Problem is that our bodies adapt to pain killers and sometimes heavier doses, or stronger remedies are called into action. Before long abuse and addiction become a concern.
Hard work is honorable. Living without pain is worthy of support. Seeking help is encouraged. 
To this end, Mr. Piecuch has passed along information from Governor Wolf which is linked here. As time permits, please read PennDOT Secretary of Transportation Gramian’s words about the importance of safety and overall health for the men and women who work hard, every day, building the roads, bridges, and facilities that we all use.   

Looking for a State Job?
Take it from me, working for the state is a pretty good deal. Logging nearly two decades working at PennDOT, I actually know what I’m talking about here. If you or someone you know is beginning their career or contemplating a career move, please make plans to attend the Selinsgrove Center Job Fair coming up next Wednesday, June 22nd. Check out all the details below, and best wishes on making a really good career choice.

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