T-Ross Brothers has an immediate need for Commercial Construction Manager

T-Ross Brothers Construction, Inc.
Job Description
Manages all field personnel assigned to the project. Is responsible for the overall direction, coordination and evaluation of these employees.  Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws. 
GoalThe Construction Manager will directly oversee the implementation of best practices in the field with the aim of enhancing operational effectiveness.
  • To increase overall performance and quality of projects while decreasing lost labor, material and equipment.
  • Oversee construction on all projects by visiting each project weekly or bi-weekly, and provide a daily report to the Vice President of Operations, Scheduler and Human Resources.
  • Make sure each project has been turned over to the proper site manager and all paperwork has been completed by each Foreman/Superintendent and turned over to the Scheduler, (copies of proposal, contract), (list of sub-contractors and supplies), required manpower, (on-site general condition items):
    • Signage
    • Trailer
    • Equipment
    • Portable Toilets
    • Safety Items
    • Required federal and state posters
  • Verify all projects are planned properly.
  • Constant monitoring of overall morale.
  • Monitor and maintain operational compliance; enforces best practices and standard operating procedures are being followed.
  • Implements directives to subordinates outlining policy, program or operational changes.
  • Ensures and monitors compliance with all OSHA and company safety policies and procedures, and holds those accountable for non-compliance.
  • Work with Human Resources if disciplinary actions need to be followed.
  • Monitor and report manpower/labor capabilities and short comings.
  • Development of a reporting system to monitor and record such information.
  • Assist in development or the purchase of a manpower program to forecast manpower/labor needs.
  • As part of the team, assist in reporting information and capabilities of individual team members to help assist with building and training our team of employees to grow our efficiencies, quality and customer satisfaction.
  • May assist in hiring, qualify, train and reward team members.
  • Strong organizational skills and time management.
  • Ability to communicate with project owner, discussing project progress and answering questions, and always keeping the Company in a positive position to the owner and his representatives.
  • Meets with Project Manager as needed to review the scope of work for each new job. 
  • Has a strong level of ability in reading and understanding construction drawings and specifications, and is able to facilitate building construction while following the specific drawings and specifications. 
  • Resolve conflicts or miscommunication that may happen on-site quickly and amicably.
  • Develops and maintains operational lines of communication to facilitate efficiency.  Acts in a way that promotes teamwork among colleagues and management staff.
  • Acts in a way that promotes organization in the workplace.
  • Develops and maintains good customer relations.
  • Other duties as assigned by the President.
Contact Information
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